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Thursday, April 7, 2016

TBT: Rocket Raccoon!

Seeing as it's Throwback Thursday I thought that I'd share a painting that I never posted on here before. I've posted it other places such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Those outlets are fine and all but the images are small and you can't really see some of the fun details that go into one of these paintings. 

I painted this last year to use as a print for the Salt Lake Comic Con. The sketch below was created using 11x17inch bristle board, prismacolor pencils and Copic markers. The Painting above was made in photo shop using a Wacom Cintiq 24 HD. The sketch served as a really good foundation for the final painting. Not much of the sketch really changed, all I did was enhance it with some extra pixels. If you'd like to pick up a copy you can visit my store.

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