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Monday, March 7, 2016

Hazard Hunters

Fire and Electrical Hazard Monster
Slips and Trips Hazard Monster
Falling Objects Hazard Monster
Powered Equipment Hazard Monster
Sharp Objects Hazard Monster
Hazard Hunter: Buck
Hazard Hunter: Viki
What's up everyone one? I thought I'd share my latest work assignment with all of you. As an illustrator, I get asked to work on a lot of really fun projects and this last one is no different.

Recently I was contacted by a client who asked if would be willing to draw up some monsters for a project that he had at work. The project was called Hazard Hunters and my job was to design monsters for potential safety hazards around the warehouse. Also, in addition to the monsters I need to create two Human characters that would be the hunters or wranglers of the hazard monsters.

All in all is was a great project to work on! I mean lets be honest I get to draw monsters for a living!!!  Now on to the next assignment! Take care everyone!

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