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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Remembering Robin Williams

Remembering Robin
When it comes to celebrities I’m the last one to care about all the gossip and mess that surrounds Hollywood. However, every now and again there comes a time when a truly gifted actors life is ended and the world is at a loss.

Last year on August 11, 2014 we lost an amazing actor… Robin Williams. Williams had a long fruitful career. He was respected, admired and loved by millions of people through out the world. He was so diverse in all that he did. He could make you laugh. He could make you cry. Head could take you to places you never imagined and inspire you to be more than just mediocre.

Despite his tragic death his legacy lives on. I love to experience his movies with my kids. It’s fun to watch them develop the same love and admiration for his films that I have. One of our personal favorites is Steven Spielberg’s Hook. In that movie at the end Peter says to the notorious Captain Hook, “To live… to live would be an awfully big adventure!” 

It’s sad to think of the sever depression that he was experiencing behind closed doors. And evermore heartbreaking that he felt that taking his own life was the answer to escape his metal battles. I wish that he could have taken Peter Pans words to heart. Last year we truly lost a great artist. I hope that he has found the peace that he so desperately sought.

Robin Williams July 21st 1951- August 11th 2014