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Monday, September 7, 2015

Force Friday Star Wars Art Jam: Kylo Ren

 Awesome Art Jam poster Created by RickWilliamson

Mel Milton and Myself

Over the shoulder view of a work in progress

Last week I was invited by the awesome Mel Milton to a Star Wars Art jam celebrating Force Friday and the release of all the new merchandise for the up coming movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Rick Williamson, who was putting on the Art Jam, wanted to showcase digital painting so myself and a bunch of other amazing artists packed up our computers, tablets and Cintiq monitors and set up shop at the Reclaim Events Center.

There were a ton of people that stopped by to watch us all work. It's always fun to engage with the public because most of my days are spent working at my studio isolated. Using digital painting tools every day I forget that most people haven't seen digital art being produced. A lot of the spectators didn't know that Photoshop could be used for painting and a most of them had never seen a cintiq monitor before. So it was a real treat and a lot of fun to answer questions and show them how I digitally paint.

For my painting I wanted to paint a character that I had never painted before and with the upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con coming up I thought it would be good to try and get a new print finished to sale at my booth.  I chose the mysterious Kylo Ren  for my subject. Here's a step by step of my start to finish of the Illustration.

In conclusion, I had so much fun at the art jam and made a bunch of new friends can't wait to do the next one!

Rough Sketch

Line Art

Value Painting

Color Glazes

Lightsaber Effects


Snow and motion blurring

Textures and overlays

Final adjustments