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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hellcat: Marker Drawing Process!

I get a lot of questions about my process for sketching and drawing with markers. A lot of people ask how I get such vibrant colors. So I thought for this weeks blog post I'd share my simple three step process for how I go about drawing with this super fun and amazing medium.

Step 1:

I start out with a loose pencil sketch usually drawn with a red, blue or black Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil.  I love these pencils because they don't really smear and they have a soft waxy feel when you draw with them. I've been using them for years and absouluty love them.

 I draw on all sorts of papers and surfaces. My preferred paper is an 80lb heavy stock "oatmeal" colored paper made by the French Paper Co. It's a great paper for mid tones and really helps to harmonize colors better than traditional white paper.  

Step 2:

Once the rough sketch is to my liking I move on to the next step which is applying the marker washes. I say washes because I treat the markers a lot like you would a watercolor painting. Working from light to dark building up the values and the layers. 

As far as the actual marker goes any brand will work. Copic, Touch, Prismacolor etc... I happen to use a super cheap design marker made by Utrecht. I love how juicy and vibrant they are. The nibs (tips) are fantastic and can provide a wide range of marks and strokes.  On one side you get a chiseled tip and on the other side you get a really nice flexible brush. The best part is that they only cost $1.99 compared to $5.00-10.00 for the other brands!

Step 3:

Now that the markers are laid down now its time to make these colors really pop! This step for me is the most exciting because this is where the drawing really comes to life. I use a process similar to oil painting where you paint, or in this case draw, the lights over the darks. 

I grab my trusty box of Prismacolor colored pencils and start to work over the top of the markers drawing bringing out the highlights and accenting the character. The trick is to not be too heavy handed, keeping your hand light and barley touching the surface of the paper building up the layers. 


There you have it! Like most things in regards to painting and drawing it's all about the process. Certain process will yield different results. In my case this is the process that I have come to really enjoy. Is it the only way to draw with markers and colored pencils? Of course not. I would encourage all you to try experimenting and develop your own process. Feel free to comment or ask questions down below. 

I am currently working  a more in depth video tutorial of this process. I'll post it up once it is completed. Until next time take care and keep drawing!

Links for materials:

Update: I did a little digital painting of Hellcat

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