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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cap'n Merica!

What's up everyone!!! Just incase you are wondering  this is not a halluciantion I am in fact posting to the blog! I apologize for not being consistent I've have been working non stop on my BFA show and I want the new paintings, 14 in all, to be a surprise for all the guests that attend my show on May 9th.

That being the case I couldn't resist the urge to post my latest painting in honor of the new Captain America movie. I've seen it and it's fantastic!!! If you haven't get out there and see it! This was painted 100% in Adobe Photoshop CS6!


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  2. Your piece looks fantastic! The colors look really nice together. Having the red circle element behind him was a really good move too. I like the texture you got in there on the shield. I don't know how else to say it, this piece just looks really fresh and unique. Love it! You're going to have to let us know about the May 9th details for your show.