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Monday, October 28, 2013

TMNT... Raphael!!!


Rough Sketch

Refined Sketch

Value Painting

Final Painting

A good friend of mine, Micah Larsen, works for a local museum called The Leonardo. He is the supervisor over the digital commons area. This is a really neat part of the museum that focusses on digital mediums such as video, animation and art.

 Looking to feature some digital artwork at the museum, Micah thought it would be fun to showcase some of the artist from Utah Valley University. He contacted Don Seegmiller and they worked out a theme and set a date for submissions. The theme surprisingly was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Any of you who have taken classes from Don, know why we were all shocked.

For my submission I wanted to paint my personal favorite ninja turtle, Raphael. I've also included a few progress images so you can see how this painting was created. This was made100% in Photoshop CS6 from the sketch to final painting.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dog vs Cat!

Hey folks! For this blog post I wanted to share my latest painting from my Children's Book Illustration Class taught by Will Terry.

For this assignment we had to Illustrate the word "Action". Will gave us a brief narrative about a dog chasing a cat through the kitchen eventually destroying a birthday cake and most of the room.

Having grown up on a healthy diet of Saturday Morning Cartoons, I thought it would be fun to pay homage to one of my favorites Tom and Jerry. Everything about that show was fantastic! The backgrounds and the characters were so well designed especially in the earlier cartoons. Each environment painting could easily stand on it is own and the attention to detail was absolutely amazing!

I had originally worked out a completely different background with a fun forced perspective. I spent forever painting that version but ultimately it wasn't working. So I choose to  simplify my painting and go with the less busy wall and I think it worked out for the better. It was hard to let go of something that I had invested so much time painting, but hey that's the life of an artists.

As usual I learned a ton on this assignment and am ready to move on to the next project!

Down below is my original thumbnail sketch, final character designs and the backgrounds that didn't make the cut.

Till next time!