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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Alien Brain Guy...

How's it going everyone!? Just wanted to share a Digital Painting I completed recently. Lately I've been super swamped with family, client work, and school. I've been needing to paint something for myself. Luckily for me Don Seegmiller is currently teaching a special topics digital painting class at UVU. I was fortunate enough to sit in for the first week and participat in the first assignment... Paint an alien head! It's always fun to take a class from Don because I know that we will eventually end up drawing monsters or creatures of some sort. Hope you enjoy this one, I sure had a lot of fun painting it!


  1. Looks VERY VERY cool! I especially like your glossy eyeball and those sweetly dripping chops!

  2. Thanks Matt, I love to paint slobber and drool! :)

  3. Nice. Makes me think of alien and a Pixar film combined for awesome.

    1. Mavrick- sounds like a good summer blockbuster to me!