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Monday, March 11, 2013

Primary Children's Hospital Easter Painting

Every so often I'm am able to participate in something special. A few weeks ago the Illustration Club at UVU was looking for a service project. We thought it would be nice to call the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. They were super enthusiastic and asked if we would be willing to provide some artwork to decorate the halls and bring a little cheer to these amazing kids to which we replied YES!

For my contribution I thought it would be fun to capture the Easter Bunny admiring his handy work. I'm positive that  he works tirelessly to carefully inspect each egg after it is painted to make sure that it is absolutely perfect for the children to find on Easter morning.

Today we dropped off the prints at the hospital and the staff seemed super stoked to receive them! It's always rewarding to be able to use the skills I've developed to bring a little happiness to someone else.

Check out the UVU Illustration Club blog to see  the other artists submissions!

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