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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guest Artist Spotlight: Cam Kendell

Hail Munoa-go-ers!

This is not Adam… 'Tis somebody else. And no it's not He-man either. But who you ask? Cam Kendell, Illustrator, artist, and designer. I don't quite measure up to Adam I know (Literally. He's taller than me). All the same Adam was kind enough to ask me to do something for a guest spotlight on his blog. So here is my bio:
I'm an accordion playing, banjo tinkering, monster/creature obsessed, ninja turtle raised, born on Halloween, digital and traditional artist with a flair for the bizarre and slightly off-putting. So.. yeah. I tend to do whimsical art with a healthy does of perilous and/or adventurous themes. Monsters, creatures, dwarfs, and definitely lots of tentacles. Though on occasion I do enjoy drawing a bunny, or kitten, or bunny-kitten.
It's an honor to sneak a piece of my art in with Adam's. He definitely has skill oozing out of his very core.
So thanks Adam!
oh, and if you want more of me check it out in one of three flavors
Portfolio (
Or better yet, try all three!

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