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Monday, January 21, 2013

More Sketch Madness!

Just realized that I haven't posted sketches in awhile...sorry about that! I rummaged through a bunch of recent sketches and had an ample supply of monster sketches on oatmeal paper. Love these things!  Also, I included an old self portrait. All theses sketches were created using ether one or a combination of  theses mediums: graphite,  Prismacolor col-erase pencils, Utrecht design markers, and ink.

I'm looking for more feed back on my blog! So in effort to get that going I would like to offer up a free signed 11x17 inch print of your choosing from my artwork. To enter is simple, comment on blog posts and I will put the names of the people who comment on the blog in a hat at the end of each month. The winner will be chosen at random out of the hat and an email will be sent to the with to the winner! It's that easy! So common all you faithful readers lets see those comments!!!


  1. Comment!!!!!! Nice self portrait - and I just LOVE when you draw your awesome creature characters. Btw... thanks for teaching me to paint digitally that one time. Besides observing Will Terry lots, you're the only person I've learned to digitally paint from ever in my life. I owe you a million dollars pretty much. ;)

    1. Thanks Ginny! I'm glad that I was able to help you learn a few digital painting tricks.

  2. Love these pieces too! Great work!