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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Let first start this bog post by saying that I really liked the new Spider-man movie. I thought it was a fun interpretation of the character. For me one of the big disappointments from the Rami Spidey flicks were the organic web shooters. I let it slide because it was great to see the web head on the big screen. When it was revealed that Spider-Man would have his trademark mechanical web shooters in the new film I was super stoked. It was really cool to see Peter build his iconic web shooters. I always thought that showed how smart and creative peter was. For this caricature I thought it would be fun to have Spidey caught in his own webs, probably due to some type of mechanical failure in his invention.


  1. Great work, Adam! The web details in this piece, along with the costume texture are just fantastic.

  2. This is..amazing, dare I say...the webs really look sticky and wispy. Awesome work.