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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Dark Knight

 I really  had a lot of fun painting The Joker so I thought that I needed to do a Batman caricature to go along with it.

I have a teacher/ friend by the name of Will Terry. His art work is really vibrant and amazing. I've taken several classes from Will at UVU over the past couple of years.  In Media Techniques 1 and 2 (both taught by Will) we explored traditional mediums such as oil,watercolor, acrylic and gouache. Often we would be painting from photo references. One of the many things  that I have learned from Will is to pick good quality reference. I've found that when I'm creating caricatures the reference photos that I choose make all the difference in the world.

Such is the case with Batman and the Joker. For The Joker I wanted to be a little more painterly so super sharp HD photos weren't much of a priority. When I painted Batman I wanted to have more detail so I searched for higher resolution images. Overall I'm happy with how they came out but you can tell how much more tight and detailed Batman is over The Joker.
I also have included an updated version of The Joker. I was showing the first Joker painting to another teacher/ friend Don Seegmiller. He had some great suggestions to improve and simplify my painting.  One thing that Don point out were some bad tangents in the back ground. He suggested to stray from the reference and recreate the prison cell. After talking with Don this is what I came up with. I tightened up the eyes and simplified the hair. Also I though it would be fun to have the shadow of the bars fall on character to create some depth. Personally I like the mood of this one better it's a litter more creepy.