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Friday, July 6, 2012


I am so excited! I just finished a super intense Statistics class, actually it's my last math class ever! For those of you that don't know math is not my strongest subject. I always struggled with it. Here are a few sketches I thought you might like. stay tuned for more drawings and paintings. Hope you are all having a terrific summer! 
 Daily Sketch: The Bride of... (graphite on watercolor paper)
 Daily Sketch: Spray can Monsta! (colored pencil, ink, and marker)
 Daily Sketch: Frog mobsta (colored pencil)
 Daily Sketch: Construction-bot (colored pencil, ink and marker)
 Daily Sketch: Shark (colored pencil, ink, and marker)
 Daily Sketch: Invincible. Hands down one of the best comics out there! (colored pencil, ink and marker)
 Daily Sketch: Fries! (colored pencil and ink)
 Daily Sketch: Fries! Speed Painting. (colored pencil, ink, Painter and Photoshop)
Daily Sketch: The Amazing Spider-man. (colored pencil, ink, and marker)


  1. I love the squid. I think I like the straight up black and white ink drawing.