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Monday, July 30, 2012

Jared Salmond Sketch Trade!

Hello everybody!
 Jared Salmond here, one of Adam's schoolmates for the last two years or so. Adam graciously accepted my offer to do a blog trade so here we go! I've been redesigning the ninja turtle villains over the last month or so and Adam suggested I do a new one. Leatherhead was one of my favorite and weirdest ninja turtle toys, I used a bunch of reference to pull the design a little closer back to a real gator, enjoy! Make sure to visit my blog at for more fun stuff! Thanks Adam!
Glad to have you on the blog Jared! Thanks for the awesome drawing! I have posted the drawing that I made for Jared's blog. You can find out more about it by checking out Jared's blog! Thanks again Jared!

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