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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daily Sketches

 Daily Sketch: Rock Dude from the Never Ending Story. A friend of mine Jared Salmond loves this book and has quite a bit of art on his blog that has been inspired by it. I've only seen the movie but maybe I'll read the book this summer.
 Daily Sketch: Adam Atom. I took a drawing for animation class a few years ago. Our big final for that class was to create some characters and story for an animated project. I came up with Adam Atom (I know real creative name). Any way he's kind of like a Han Solo/ Indiana Jones but set in space. I know another original idea. What can I say Star Wars and Indiana Jones where big parts of my childhood.
 Daily Sketch: Where The Wild Things Are Tribute. With the passing of Maurice Sendak I thought I'd, like so many of my fellow artists, do a quick sketch in honor of his memory. I know that it's not an exact copy of his character but that what makes drawing fun! The book was so awesome! Rest in peace Maurice
Daily Sketch: The Thoughtful Dragon... I don't really have anything to say about this guy. Take care!

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