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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Sketch: Monkey-Pirate

Today I started a new sketchbook! I know big deal right? For the longest time I drew in a Canson sketchbook or on  some loose leaf paper that I get from a local paper supply store (sorry it's not Dunder Mifflin). I still use the loose leaf paper because it's easy to scan and I can get a variety of of different textures and colors. The last few years I have been using a Moleskine sketch book for my personal use. Mainly because they are small and easy to lug around.

The first Moleskine book that I bought was awesome! The paper quality was thick and smooth. My markers and ink pens worked really well on it. I was stoked to pick up another after I "killed" off the first book. To my dismay the second book was awful! The paper was really crappy and thin. My drawings using pencils were fine but, It had a hard time absorbing markers and ink. Apparently, I purchased a journal with blank pages. I tried to make it work and after tons of drawings, I decided to retire it.

Today's new sketchbook another Moleskine. I know surprise surprise. This one however, is made for art and is filled with watercolor paper. Over the past year at school I took a series of traditional painting classes @ UVU taught by Will Terry and developed a love for watercolor and acrylic painting. When shopping for a new book I thought it would be neat to have one that could sketch and paint in. I'm stoked for my new Moleskine and look forward to sharing some drawings and paintings with all of you!

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